ARGOS gives you a safer city
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ARGOS Traffic Management Software

ARGOS is a set of applications designed to improve traffic and municipal security using video analytics
Modular and open structure allows to easily add new features and integrations with other systems.
ARGOS is based in the following pillars

Open Structure

ARGOS is an open platform can be integrated with any type of software, databases, or applications.

Excellence in Artificial Vision

ALPR technology gives a high level of accurancy more than 98% in plate reconigtion

Citizen Connected

Mobile and web applications for citizens and business allow ARGOS to be connected to community

Intelligent Processing

Data filtering and analisys process according to the municipality's rules greatly reduces management time

User Friendly

We have worked for years with the end user to ensure that management is easy and friendly

Municipality Custom-built

We are continually evolving ARGOS according to municipality needs

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Modular Structure

Easy to use, less time to manage it

The automated traffic management systems involve very high hidden costs, time management is one of the most important. Years of experience working with municipalities, police and mobility departments have allowed us to design an user built-custom software.
The challenge was to have a system that provides a large number of applications but with quick and easy management. The result is ARGOS that reduces time management by up to 90% improving effectiveness

Easiness for the citizens to connect

One of the main factors for the successful implementation of new traffic models is the acceptance by citizens and businesses. The management of residents' personal circumstances involves much time and effort, and is a permanent source of conflict.
ARGOS provides tools to help citizens and businesses to be more connected with the municipality and be part of the new city model. ARGOS Mobile and web applications integration allow residents to easily manage their requests.
Application Partners
We work with partners who bring us the experience and expertise needed to implement a complete traffic management system: cameras, ALPR software, processing hardware, ...
Interconnection with police management software and traffic's databases are important to increase system capacities.
The concept of open software enables us to work with a multitude of technologies and manufacturers.

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